About Pauline Newman

I was born in Alberta, grew up in Ontario than returned to Alberta with my husband and three children in 1977. I was a retailer for many years. Now I am enjoying a career change with new adventure on the farm.

I had an angel encounter in 1975 which later prompted my book HeartBeat Angels. I now have made a CD from the stories and both are for sale through many bookstores and my website.

Another endeavor was a challenge of publishing a health and wellness magazine in 1998 after 2 years of brochure information. HeartBeat magazine is available in the Edmonton area and by subscription.

My newest adventure is a working farm and retreat sanctuary on the Carvel farm. Many spiritual activities are taking place on this land and I am happy to share it with others while teaching and creating spiritual development.

Moving forward

While working on my health and spiritual growth, I also became a pioneer METAMORPHS experiencing universal evolution without boundaries and with a heartbeat for life force and divine love.

Pauline is available for:

• Presentations*
• Reiki sessions
• Drop-in sessions
• Introductory motivational seminars*
• Reiki I, II and III levels
• Master and teacher level
• Guest speaker
• Signature Cell Healing
• Angel Book Signing

* Presentations and seminars are customized to your needs.

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