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HeartBeat Magazine reflects issues dealing with health and wellness. The focus is on taking responsibility into your own hands and learning how to stay healthy. The publisher and managing editor of HeartBeat Magazine is Pauline Newman. Pauline has overcome many illnesses herself. Writers and contributors to the magazine include herbalists, energy healers, iridologists, nutritionists, astrologers plus many testimonials of personal experiences of positive thinking people.

HeartBeat magazine is published four times per year Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall and is distributed FREE in numerous locations around Edmonton and surrounding area also in Regina, Sask. This magazine would not be possible without the generous support of its advertisers. If you enjoyed this magazine, Please support the individuals and businesses who advertised in HeartBeat. We encourage you to pass the magazine along to friends family.

The opinions and views expressed in articles do not necessarily reflect those of the advertisers or the publisher.


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