Special Offer:

Come to the Newman Country Retreat Farm and enjoy walking on our wooded trails or have a picnic in the woods. Feed the farm animals with a new baby donkey and baby foul; or enjoy the wildlife on the pond. This special offer Of $150.00 includes one nights accommodation for 6, a relaxation Reiki session plus more. Walk the labrynith near the waterfall or sit in the gazebo or many other quite resting places. Plan a weiner roast in the nearby fire pit or just relax by the blazing fire before bedtime. The cabin has a full kitchen with fridge, stove & microwave. This cedarwood building is solar design and may require instructions for your educational purpose. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the beautiful surroundings, including the angel garden.


Country Retreat

Walking and enjoying nature provides a sense of calm and tranquility as we rediscover ourselves. The rapid pace of society keeps us away from paying attention to our heart's desire. Our heart beat requires solitude. As this shift happens, we get in touch with our body, mind and soul. Earth itself is opening to new possibilities and with this new vibration we find
tools to help us explore a new existence.

The farm has much to offer.

 Day, weekend and week retreats with camping facilities
healing work shops, crafts for adults and childrenIndoor swimming and spa
Meditations and energy workshops
Working farm with land/farm animals and yard chores
Reiki sessions and workshops in levels, 1, 2, 3 and up
Waterfall, fish pond, duck island and ancient changing rocks.
      Counseling, channeling, astrology reading
Homeopathy, herbal and flower essences
                 Have you picture taken by an intuitive and"the orbs/et hunt"


Activities around and near the farm:

•Nature hikes in a beautiful environment
•Labyrinth walk nearby
•Full day experiences and tranquility packages
•Drumming/ tepee constructions
•Other healing practitioners available upon request.
•Murals in downtown Stony Plain (15 minutes)

Spring Activities (April/May)

•Filled work
•Spring changes
•Planting garden/field
•Animal husbandry
•Wood cutting/collecting
•General farm painting
Summer Activities (June/July)

•Indoor pool and pond maintenance
•Shop/barn construction expansion
•Harvesting garden and field-Log splitting
Autumn/Fall Activities

•Herb drying
•Yard/born maintenance
•Animal care
•Fall clean up
•Thanksgiving celebration
Crafts Available:

•Flower arranging
•Weaving/dream catchers
•Children's crafts
•Knitting/ crochet
•Memory albums
•Cake decorating
•Genealogy intro
•Yard art

Other Activities:

• Herb/garden collecting/drying
•Herb/garden education and planting
•Camp fires and story telling
•Assisting in writing/organizing HeartBeat magazine, and Angel book
•Angel realm/reading
•Healing with art
•Healing Packages
•SpaStep back in time and experience the beauty of nature and discover relaxation and peace.
Take care of your body- it's the only one you have. Let us help you find the way.

"The farm has a wholistic health and well being philosophy. Participants can relax and enjoy strolling, swimming and working on the farm in this serene environment."

Suitable for:

•Families, seniors
•Mentally and physically challenged
•The intuitive and the curious
•Schools, clubs and tourists


50% minimum payment required at time of booking. Payment by money order/pay-pal to Newman Investments Ltd.
Refunds: $15.00 processing fee will be charged on all registrations. Remainder will be given upon written request 2 weeks prior. Transferring and rescheduling available.


Each program is individually priced according to guest requirements and variety of activities during the changing seasons. Activities that are personalized to you needs.
Our working farm changes with the reasons but on going work is necessary.


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