HeartBeat Angels
A Book of Life’s secrets with over 70 personal spiritual encounter stories. This book is a “must read” for folk who desire a deeper understanding of spiritual dynamics. The stories in this book convey honesty, and humility, with childlike simplicity that transcends our spiritual growth and accelerates knowledge beyond the five senses, beyond the visible.
  • A book for everyone in this new millennium
  • Authors write with integrity about their hidden secrets
  • Easy to read, yet profound and stimulating for all ages
  • A great help in understanding your own insight into the celestial world
  • Insight into the power of prayer, dreams, life after death and more...
This celestial encounter book takes a look at intimate relationships with Spirit and what is occurring underneath the surface awareness.
The intent of HeartBeat Angels is to shed Light on aspects of ourselves that we seldom recognize or want to confront. Reading the stories that others have released, often gives individuals encouragement to “open up” to their own authentic selves. HeartBeat Angels is a book for people who are searching in the power-struggle of Light and Dark. Society is ready for more evidence to find the way of releasing their own hidden secrets just as the authors have done.
HeartBeat Angels Book One $20 CDN
HeartBeat Angels Book On 72 Minute Audio CD $20 CDN

Publisher : Newman Publishing
Publication Date: 2001
ISBN : 0-9688594-0-2

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HeartBeat Angels - Evolving Beyond
The Newman Country Retreat Farm & Store is excited about Pauline’s newly released book, HeartBeat Angels Evolving Beyond.

HeartBeat Angels - Evolving Beyond $20 CDN

Publisher : Newman Publishing
Publication Date: April 2012
ISBN : 0-9688594-0-2

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