Found on Page 30 of HeartBeat Angels Evolving Beyond (Book 2)
Bedroom Angels
I had an experience a few years ago while my wife and I were in bed. I was awakened by the beating and fluttering of wings around the bedroom. I awakened my wife and as I looked up, I pointed to what appeared to be a light blue illuminated figure. This figure was about three feet long, hovering in a horizontal position four to five feet above my wife’s side of the bed. I was astonished at the size. My wife just stared with mysterious wonderment. Bewildered I burst out, “There’s an angel”.
Suddenly the figure disappeared and we lay mystified at what had just happened. Was this a dream or were we just imagining this sight? What was the meaning of this? I couldn’t seem to find an answer.
We were truly blessed that night. Whenever I think of this beautiful illuminated sighting, I get goosebumps on my back and neck. I am told that this type of connection or action is the Spirit letting me know that the Divine presence is with me. But why me?, I often questioned. Since that time, I have learned to accept my connection with the Higher Self and I am very thankful for the gift.

Albert Esch
Illustration by Rumour LesCure
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